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What is a Surety Bond?

A Surety Bond guarantees whatever the underlying statute, state law, municipal ordinance, or regulation requires. They may be required for a number of reasons.

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EXAMPLE " The payment of certain state taxes and fees "

A Surety Bond provides consumer protection as a condition to granting licenses related to " Motor vehicles "Mortgage Brokers Contracting services and other professional regulated licenses. Each State has its own surety bond amount as well as Bond form. The Bond form can be obtained from the obligee

A Surety Bond is a contract among at least three parties: The Principal, is the party that undertakes the obligation.

The Obligee, Is the party who receives the benefit of the Bond. (Obligee meaning obligator)

Surety bonding Company is the entity issuing the bond. We only use admitted carriers with the highest rating in your state.

SIMPLY STATED a Surety Bond is a written agreement that usually provides for monetary compensation in case the principal fails to perform the acts promised set forth in the bond form

A Surety Bond is a reverse Insurance policy where the principal Indemnifies the surety and pays back all fees and expense the surety may have suffered due to a claim. On this note the Surety will review your personal credit, financial strength to determine surety credit.

There are many types of Bonds, but the two general categories are contract and commercial. Commercial or you can call them License and permit bonds are a general class of bonds required of a person or entity to obtain a license or a permit in any city, county, or state such as a MVD Bond needed to obtain a dealer license or Mortgage Broker Bond needed to transact loans.

You can learn more about Surety Bonds here. Find out how to underwrite a bond. What different types of bonds are needed for business and surety news.

MVD Bond Program:

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We also have a no collateral program for your MVD bond WITH LESS THAN STEALLER CREDIT. Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond (MVD)

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No performance or Court Bonds

Due to recent changes in the construction field and credit environment most contractors no longer meet the underwriting requirements of the standard surety markets.  In order to help these contractors get back on top we have started relationships with surety companies that underwrite from the point of view from the contractor.  Our underwriters will be focusing their efforts on looking at the character and experience of the contractor rather than the personal credit and financials. 

-          No minimum credit score

-          No CPA prepared financial statements required

-          No minimum net worth

-          No minimum years in business required

-          No collateral required

We have programs available in every state up to $10 Million for any single contract.  In most cases the contractor will also qualify for a working capital advance to help improve their cashflow.    All bonds will be issued by a surety company of A- or better.  Please call today to speak with one of our contract underwriters to discuss these programs.

What is a Performance Bond?

If the principal default in its performance of its promises to the obligee and the contractor is unable to successfully perform the contract, the surety assumes the contractor's responsibilities and ensures that the project is completed.

Parts of a Performance Bond

1. Bid Bond which guarantees that the bidder on a contract will pierce into the contract and equip the mandatory payment along with performance bonds.

2. Payment Bond which guarantees payment from the contractor of money to persons who furnish labor, materials equipment and also supplies for use in the performance of the contract.

3. Performance Bond which warranties that the contractor will hold out the contract in pact with its terms.

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