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Admiralty is a court bond created under the admiralty law or the maritime law of the district bodies, which is innovated for the purpose of governing the navigation and shipping. This admiralty bond is required for shipping, navigation, waters, commerce, seamen, towage, insurance and canals. The admiralty bond is required by the admiralty law. This law contains a set of legal rules and procedures to govern the business of employment and transportation of people and goods over navigable waters. This bond provides rights and remedies to most workers who work under this admiralty law. In admiralty bond, maritime law governs airplane or helicopter crashes on navigable waters. In the Judiciary Act, admiralty law was placed under the jurisdiction of the federal district courts. In addition to this bond, the Admiralty and Maritime Law Committee encourage its members to participate in the advancement of civil justice, professionalism, and diversity of membership to reflect the interests of plaintiffs, defendants, and insurer. This admiralty bond creates a protection to the law beneficiaries. It also gives a security to the plaintiffs, defendants, and the insurer.


Program: Our agency currently has several specialty programs that can help you place your Admiralty Bond.

Admiralty Bonds are an extension of credit, like a loan your rate will be based upon your credit situation. Most surety agencies will decline your bond submission if you don't have a 700 credit score, but our company is different. We can help you in almost any credit or financial situation. Our rates start at 1% to 3%  for most surety bonds. If your credit has taken a beating the rates start at 4% to 25%. 

Always check with the "Obligee" for details

Admiralty Bond Application


Our application process for a Admiralty Bond is easy. You can apply for the Admiralty Bond Application .

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Obligee Information

An obligee is the entity that is requiring you to have the Admiralty.

Here are a few state specific bonds

State Surety Bond type Bond Amount Obligee More info
License Permit  Admiralty Bond     License Permit Admiralty Bond

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